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The Humanity within The Container

The Container is officially up and running! The run of the show has been sold to since before we opened the performances, so much so that we added two performances for tonight to accommodate our waiting list. It has been generally well received, and our actors have received incredibly high praise.

As an artist, there are a lot of different ways to confront conflicts we see in our world, and present them in a theatrical space. One of them is the Brechtian approach - use generally unrealistic-behaving characters as vessels displaying conflict, corruption, and politics to help us see the brokenness of society. I really enjoy Brechtian theatre, and how it tackles conflict - but The Container swings to the opposite side of this spectrum. It utilizes the realness of the characters as humans, continually revealing more and more about their individual stories and struggles, to remind us of our need to enact change. I came into the process viewing this piece of theatre as a heated, political statement, and I left the rehearsal space grateful to see real people represented, and being able to feel like this show is advocating for humans, not just change.There are definitely politics involved with immigration - but before there are politics, there are people.

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